Building a strong social media presence is not rocket science. However, still, many businesses find it difficult to create a social media presence that their customers love because they underestimate its importance. 

When it comes to finding success with social media marketing, there’s little doubt that businesses need to have a real social media presence. No wonder many small and large businesses are doing everything they can to join every relevant major social media site.

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According to a study conducted by Simply Measured, Facebook is used by a whopping 98% of marketers. Even a niche social networking site such as LinkedIn is regularly used by 64% of B2B marketers. This just goes on to show that social media is serious business for serious entrepreneurs.

But in order to do so, you need to go beyond the superficial aspects of social media. In other words, as a business, if you think that you need to invest a lot of money into producing great content or buy special camera equipment, think again.

The reality is, your social media content doesn’t have to be uber professional or specially made to work. Because remember, social media networks are made up of real people, who regularly share real and truly raw content. 

Your job as a business is to not appear artificial, but blend in with content that people can identify with. When your prospects and customers see you create real content, they’ll connect with your brand at a much higher level. Which will help you establish a better social media presence.

In order to make your social media presence more fruitful and achieve a better return on investment, your business needs to understand what makes social media special in the first place. Why do people use it?

Is it because of the ads? No.

Is it because of the number of big brands using it? No.

Is it because it has hundreds of millions of users? No.

What makes social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter special is the fact that people can connect to other people that they know. Your customers are real human beings craving for real human connections, and that’s why they are using social media networks.

If you truly want to create a social media presence that your customers love, then understand what these sites let you achieve as a business. And that is building a meaningful community. A community that lets customers:

  1. Have strong, relevant and deep conversations with other like-minded people.
  2. Share feedback (both negative and positive) about your brand, products and services.
  3. Consume your content and then share it with other relevant people in their own immediate network.

Keep in mind that social media is free, but it’s still a powerful medium to grow your audience and build a real business — only if you use it the right way. Every social media network caters to a different kind of audience and offers a unique experience in itself. Which means, as a business, you have a choice to decide how and where you want to build your social media presence.

#1: Set the Right Goals

Being a business, you should know time is money. So when you’re investing in social media, you not only want to focus on achieving a higher ROI, but also a good ROTI (return on time investment).

By setting goals, you’ll know if you are making the most of your time, or if you need to change things. But without any goals set, you’re only setting yourself up for failure. Your social media activities need to be aligned with your marketing/business goals. There’s no other way around.

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