The network is the IT backbone of today’s businesses to augment their operational performance. Hence, it is necessary that the IT network of an organization is designed and managed to its optimum level so that it adds to the business performance. The enterprise network is bound to get complex as enterprises today have a global footprint, large workforce, and different devices leading to high management costs.DeeclueDot Technologies provides end-to-end Network Management Services which includes designing technically feasible network architecture, building robust network layer, monitoring incidents, managing events and alerts and supporting data center networks. Managed Network Services are an optimal solution for providing well-defined, proactive, cost-effective, and professional support for an enterprise’s IT infrastructure. With a proactive approach towards network management, we are engaged in large enterprises. We provide real-time reporting to identify potential failures and faults and take preventive actions for the same. Our unified network operation monitoring and management bring more efficiency to business operations. We provide you with a comprehensive portfolio of managed network services, trained pool of network management resources, hi-tech network operations center (NOC) with right tools to monitor and manage any type of network, and proven processes to deliver measurable results throughout network operation’s life cycle.

DeeclueDot Infrastructure  has helped enterprises in reducing cost and complexities related to network infrastructure and operations.


We have everything you need to design and manage a secure, scalable network.
When it comes to network management and evaluation, you find yourself stuck in the middle of limitless options. Solution? Don’t do it alone. We build a robust, interoperable, and dynamic network layer for you.

Our managed network infrastructure services help you establish a cost-effective, reliable, and future-ready network that blends seamlessly with your operational environment to meet any critical demand. Our experts configure scheduled firmware updates, and proactively monitor, identify and resolve all your network issues, thereby enhancing capacity & performance.

We design, engineer, implement and integrate your existing network infrastructure into a completely new network solution that best fits your business requirements.

Our Offerings include:

  • WAN, SDWAN, LAN, Wireless
  • Demand Mapping
  • Capacity & Performance
  • Telcos/ISPs
  • Load Balancers
  • Routers and Switches

Proactive preventative maintenance of IT systems means minimized or no downtime with the ability to maintain a stable and reliable network for your business. Our baseline Network Monitoring & Performance Optimization services help customers operate their businesses efficiently.

We proactively monitor, track, and manage your business-critical software and functions, rapidly responding to an issue or failure the moment it happens. Our expert NOC team assist in day-to-day operations, thereby reducing downtime.

On the other hand, we foster a proactive environment with a combined analysis of historical and real-time data to identify opportunities for performance optimization.

Our managed services for network operations include:

  • Capacity Monitoring
  • Alerting and reporting
  • IOS and Firmware Patch Management
  • Fault Management
  • Change Management
  • OEM & Vendor Management